Lamb Meat

Lamb meat is one of the most common ingredients in meals around the world, but less known among other types of animal meat. The most important benefits of lamb meat are protecting the body against anemia, strengthening and improving muscles, improving bone health, improving the immune system, improving the health of the nerve system and preventing birth defects in children.

It comes from a lamb less than one year old and falls into the category of red meat because of its high levels of myoglobin. Myoglobin is a protein in the muscle tissues of animals such as lamb and beef, and when the meat is exposed to oxygen, it becomes red meat. Other highlights include the low fat content in the meat, which of course avoids a number of side effects and enhances its health benefits. As for its taste, the meat has a mild taste and makes it tastier than chicken or beef. Its pleasant taste in Barbecue or in the oven is popular and favorite all over the world.

Generally derived from young lambs, the meat itself has two varieties: Hogget and Mutton. The first type of lamb is between one to two years old and Mutton comes from the more mature sheep species. The taste of this meat depends on the age of the lamb and as it gets older, the meat becomes stiffer. That is why most people prefer lamb which is softer and tastier than other types of meat.

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Minimum order is 80 Tons

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Lamb Meat

The amount of calories:

294 Cal