Iranian Black Tea

Black Tea is one of the most popular drinks for Iranians. Here are some of the best Iranian Black teas and their types:

Sargol tea:

Sargol tea has a twisted shape and it tastes bitter and it is more nutritious than other Iranian teas. Sargol tea has a high degree of quality and flavor. And ie is very well known for its good taste and flavor. This type of tea is produced only in spring.

Momtaz tea:

Momtaz tea is more balanced in degree of bitterness and flavor than Sargol tea. Production of this natural tea in Iran is the first rank. This tea is the most popular Iranian tea among our dear compatriots.

Ghalam tea:

Ghalam tea is bigger than other types of teas. And it looks like a little branch. And that’s why the name of this type of tea is called Ghalam tea. This type of tea has a beautiful color among all of Iranian teas.

Shekaste tea:

Shekaste tea is a blend of all Iranian teas. In fact, this tea is flat and smooth, and smaller than other teas. And because of this anomaly, it has become known as broken tea. High-quality teas are also excellent in color and taste.

*Spring tea is another name for Iranian tea. Commonly heard and seen in the naming of the tea. This name refers to the teas produced in the spring. As you know, North Tea is produced in three seasons, spring, summer and fall. And the products that are produced in the spring are called spring tea. Spring tea is well known for its color and good taste.

Black Tea Ingredients and Benefits:

Caffeine and Tannin = Nervous System Sedative.

Theophylline = It has a caffeine-like structure that is found in green and black tea and the effects are muscle relaxation, enhancing blood flow to the kidneys, increasing heart muscle contraction and efficiency, regulating heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

Tianine = tea flavoring.

Catechin = Available in green and black tea but more in green tea, it is an anticancer drug, reduces blood fat and prevents blood sugar buildup.

Fluoride and flavonoid = It strengthens the tooth and prevents bad breath.

Vitamin C = reduces anxiety and relieves symptoms of colds.

Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E = Improves metabolism.

Sleep deprivation, strengthened thinking, better digestion of food, and lessening migraine symptoms are other important areas of tea.

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Black Tea

The amount of calories:

1 Cal