Our Main Services


Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company is proud to produce a variety of products such as Mazafati, Kaloote, Gardiel dates, dried apple chips, dried appricots, dried orange slices, Iranian Black tea, pistachios and so on.


Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company is proud to import all kinds of products that our country, Iran needs and one of the most important aspects of its differentiation is to adhere to obligations such as quality of goods, delivery time, shipping and customs duties to satisfy our esteemed customers. Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company has been specialized in importing a variety of commodities including: foods, woods, paper, plastic, chemical and pharmaceutical products for nearly a decade.
The company also declares its readiness to import products of our esteemed customers need.


Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company is proud to export all kinds of products that our country Iran has been able to produce and export to other countries.
The company has many years of experience in exporting petroleum products, seafood, carpets, food and petrochemical products, etc. so we can guide you in any field for exporting your products.
With a variety of affiliates and companies around the world, Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company has the ability to attract customers to your products around the world and can easily market in various fields and advise dear customers.

Consulting and services

As part of its corporate mission, Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company provides clients with all aspects of business consulting and services, import, export and customs clearance.

Some of our guidance and services are as follows:

  • Clearance in the least time and with the lowest cost in all customs of the country
  • Provisional and temporary clearance of goods delivered by domestic contractors
  • Quick clearance of goods
  • Business consulting in preparation of product documentation

Get in touch with us on special and private production, export and import services