Birch Betula Wood

Other name for birch is the corner tree and the scientific name is Betula.

This tree is a genus of deciduous and hardwood trees that belongs to the family of alder (alder wood) and is closely related to the genus of beech and oak trees. Most species of small or medium-sized birch are short-lived and native to temperate and sub-polar parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

Leaves can be serrated or pointed. Its fruit is a small samara. They are different from Alders. Birch wood is a common wood that comes from a number of native tree species from the Northern Hemisphere. The wood of this tree is dense and has a uniform texture.

The wood of this tree consists of two parts, the outer and the inner. The outer part is just below the contract tree and the inner part is in the center and heart of the trunk.

In some species of birch, the body and trunk have fine wood like knots.

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Minimum order is 20000 pieces

Persian nameEnglish nameSpecial Weight
gr/cm ³
Humidity 0 %
Special Weight
gr/cm ³
Humidity 12 %
Internal tissueExternal patternMechanical propertiesTechnical propertiesUse
Toos GhanBirch0.590 0.640 Usually straight blurred with closed pores, fine textureWhite and cream sometimes brownish on the nodesExcellent visibility,
Suitable elasticity,
Good impact resistance
Good to work with, low resistance
Against caries and insects if in contact with them.
Good adhesion
Plywood, veneer
Wooden appliances