Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds are high in phosphorus, manganese, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron and contain significant amounts of folate, vitamin B and other B vitamins, which make the body well able to utilize carbohydrates and be energetic.

A handful of sunflower seeds provide 3% of the thiamine, or vitamin B1, needed daily. Sunflower seeds are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid.

In addition, it also contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health. A handful of these seeds provide about 90 percent of your daily requirement for vitamin E.

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Minimum order is 20 Tons

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Sunflower Seeds

The amount of calories:
584 Cal