Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is one of the important and valuable products produced by processing tomatoes and making changes to them. Tomato paste is considered as one of the most popular food seasonings. Its production in the country, in addition to generating income and meeting domestic needs, has been able to export tomato paste to international markets. Over 6 million tonnes of tomatoes are produced annually in the country, with more than 800,000 tonnes being converted into paste in food factories. Of this amount of tomato paste, almost 17 percent is exported from the country for surplus consumption. And due to the neighboring countries welcoming the export of Iranian tomato paste, most of the production companies have exported this product.

Iran is considered to be the second largest producer of tomato paste in the region, and more interestingly, the quality of tomato paste produced in Iran is far higher than in Turkey. Iran’s export of tomato paste to countries such as Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Azerbaijan has been well received. Producers must prepare the necessary export documents after producing and packaging food products. After this stage, the products are presented to the customs for inspection and clearance.

Currently, Taj Gostar Kiyan Company exports tomatoes by the brand name of Sheno with Brix 27-29 with 2% salt and premium quality to various countries including Russia and Kazakhstan.

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Tomate Paste

The amount of calories:

82 Cal