Dried Orange Slices

Oranges are the fruit of autumn and this season people make many uses of oranges. One of the uses of oranges is drying, which is used in seasons where oranges are not available. The benefits of a dried orange leaf are:

  • Orange is a good for stomach.
  • Used for softness and beauty of the skin.
  • You can use dried oranges for diet.
  • Decoction of dried orange leaves is useful for rashes and pain relief.
  • Oranges and thin sheets between parts of oranges are the best medicine for lowering blood cholesterol.
  • It is a blood thinner and therefore the best way to eliminate facial pimples.
  • Orange is Anti-poison, diuretic and emollient and anti-vomiting.
  • Orange prevents pancreatic cancer.
  • Eating oranges is antispasmodic and sedative.
  • Fruit in dried oranges contains more vitamin C per gram than fruit itself.
  • It also contains various antioxidants called flavonoids, such as antioxidants found in grapefruit, lemon and orange peel.

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Dried Orange Slices

The amount of calories:

350 Cal