Allium stipitatum

Allium stipitatum is like a garlic whose root is just a big onion. Its leaves are thin and elongate, and its flowers are purple-red. The inflorescence of the cluster is simple. About 40 species of this plant are known to grow in temperate regions. Some varieties of shallots are also planted in the garden as ornamental flowers. The onion of this plant is edible and used in pickles and baking foods and has less flavor than garlic.

Allium stipitatum products have been used to lower blood sugar in diabetics and have been used to disinfect parasites with food and have been used to disinfect water.

Strenthining, appetizing, disinfecting the gastrointestinal tract, disinfectant, hypotensive, inhibiting the growth of gram-negative, typhoid and paratyphoid groups and small bowel arthritis.

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Allium stipitatum

The amount of calories:

297 Cal