Fagus Wood

Rash is a term used in Iran to refer to beech trees in the English language.

Beech trees are found in the northern hemisphere and generally in highland and mountain forests. The quality of this species is much better in the areas above 2000 m of sea level than in surface woods and forestry. Beech is one of the best, semi-hard and semi-heavy wood which has a special place among furniture makers and carpenters, and it also is good for coloring and red color after coloring.

The growth of beech tree is excellent in the shade and if the shade is suitable for this tree beech quality and growth will be very desirable. Beech seedlings lose their desired growth in the cold and heat, and because the beech tree has superficial roots, the mountain is an ideal environment for beech growth.

Taj Gostar Kiyan Trading Company is ready to import this product according to the taste and needs of our esteemed customers.

Minimum order is 400 Meters

Persian nameEnglish nameSpecial Weight
gr/cm ³
Humidity 0 %
Special Weight
gr/cm ³
Humidity 12 %
Internal tissueExternal patternMechanical propertiesTechnical propertiesUse
RashBeech0.650 0.720 Semi-hard, homogeneous, fine-grained texture,
Straight pattern
Matte red cream color, with beautiful and homogeneous red spotsLow flexibilityEasy to work with, low resistance to fungi,
Half hard, half heavy, good coloring
Furniture, decoration
Plywood, veneer
Wooden appliances