Russian Sawnwood

Abies alba or fir: This wood is white to creamy brown, and has a beautiful straight pattern. It is lightweight and easy to work with, with minimal cracking when drying, and can be easily sanded and nailed.

This type of wood is used in the paper industry, furniture and in various facades. Russian wood is cut from Russian forests and taken to the factory and exported to various countries after being cut and packaged.

Taj Gostar Kiyan Trading Company is ready to import this product according to the taste and needs of our esteemed customers.

Minimum order is 300 Meters

Persian nameEnglish nameSpecial Weight
gr/cm ³
Humidity 0 %
Special Weight
gr/cm ³
Humidity 12 %
Internal tissueExternal patternMechanical propertiesTechnical propertiesUse
Russian NarradAbies
0.410 0.530 Medium and coarse texture
Straight, indistinct inside
White to pale red, undulatingSweep ability
Low swelling and tightening
Good bending and elasticity
Easy to work with, low cracks, lightweight and pleasantFurniture, decoration
Plywood, veneer
Construction, paper paste