Edible Egg

Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals and can be an important nutrient in people’s diet. People’s nutritional needs vary by gender and age.

Egg Types:

Standard white eggs

These eggs are white hens grown in the conventional nesting system and have the highest sales among the population.

Standard brown eggs

These eggs are a type of laying hen that produces brown eggs that are normally grown in the conventional nesting system.

Enriched eggs

These eggs are from chickens raised in a well-equipped nest system. These systems provide more floor space and height so that chickens can move freely around. It also provides the environment and conditions for the chicken to behave more naturally. Equipped or enriched systems include a platform (an environment that allows the bird to clean their feathers) and a nesting box.

Organic eggs

These eggs are from chickens raised in the free nesting system. These chickens are fed only with organic matter that lacks any pesticide preservatives and chemical fertilizers and are seeking the symbol of organic certification on egg cartons.

Omega 3 eggs

These eggs are from chickens fed on 10 to 20% extra flaxseed. As a result, these eggs contain more omega-3 fatty acids.

Eggs enriched with vitamins

They are made from chickens that feed on higher levels of specific vitamins, and as a result, their eggs contain a large amount of vitamins.

Vegetable eggs

These eggs are made from chickens whose feed contains plant material.

Processed eggs

Frozen and dried eggs are eggs that are broken and pasteurized by egg-breaking machines.

Free run eggs

These eggs are from chickens raised in environments such as the grain storehouse. This system allows chickens to move freely in a confined warehouse.

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Nutritional value of a standard sized boiled Egg

The amount of calories:

155 Cal