Iran has more than 70 varieties and genotypes of female pistachio and many male genotypes. It is one of the most important sources of pistachio germplasm in the world. The most famous varieties of Iranian pistachios are: Kalle Ghuchi, Akbari, Momtaz, Badami Zarand, Nogh White Pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei, Ohadi, Khanjari Damghan, Shahpand Damghan and Qazvini Pistachio.

There are different classes of pistachio varieties in Iran. In a general classification, pistachio varieties are grouped into hazelnut and almond. For example, Kalleghuchi and Ohadi cultivars are classified in Fandaghi group and Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Momtaz and Nogh White pistachio are classified in Badami group.

In another classification, pistachio varieties are classified into 3 groups of early flowering, medium flowering and late flowering. For example, Nogh White pistachio and Kalle Ghuchi in early flowerin group, Ohadi, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami Zarand in middle flower group and Ghazvini and Akbari cultivars in late flowering group.

Characteristics of the most famous pistachio cultivars in Iran:

Ohadi or Fandoghi: The shape of the fruit is like hazelnut, a very high percentage of cracking, the color of the core is purple and the skin color is very light brown.

Kalleh Ghuchi: Hazelnut fruit shape, medium cracking percentage, reddish gray core color and medium dark white skin color.

Ahmad Aghaei: Shape of almond fruit, high cracking percentage, purple skin color.

Akbari: Almond fruit shape, high percentage of cracking, brownish purple core color and dark creamy skin.

Nutritional value of hundred grams of Pistachio

The amount of calories:

562 Cal