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History of Taj Gostar Kiyan Trading Company

Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company was established in 2011 with the aim of importing and exporting various kinds of goods as well as producing various domestic products.This company has been active in various domestic and international business and commerce fields and has excellent records.Taj Gostar Kian Company is one of the active service companies in the field of trading, import, export and customs clearance of the country which has made the company a reputable and well-known company in the field of customs clearance and clear management with experienced management and experts.Throughout its activities, the company has been able to provide various commercial services including clearance, customs clearance, transportation and business consulting to commercial and industrial companies, both government and non-governmental, and clear and deliver large volumes of various goods daily to customers.Mastery of the latest business and customs rules and regulations, honesty, trust and protection of customers’ business secrets, accuracy in calculations, acceleration of customer affairs has brought the success of Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company and customer satisfaction.

The activities of Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company are as follows:

  • Petroleum products including export and transit of petroleum products
  • Grain imports: barley, wheat, maize, soybean and other livestock Inputs
  • Imports of ironware including: galvanized sheet, iron beam, oil and wire sheet
  • Export of various copper products including concentrate, bullion and cathode copper as well as attracting foreign capital to produce downstream industries
  • Food imports including all types of hot and frozen meats and ocean fish
  • Foodstuffs including fish, shrimp, saffron, pistachio, legumes, dried apples, oranges, tomato paste, dried Nastaran fruits, tea and nuts
  • Export of different types of cement in different types
  • Imports of fibers including polyester, viscose and all kinds of yarn

Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company is ready to carry out the following activities:

  • Introducing partner companies’ products and products on the company’s website
  • Import of legal goods
  • Obtaining a distribution and sales representative of Iranian companies active abroad
  • Export of Iranian products
  • Supply of Iranian goods to overseas distributors
  • Cooperation with other Iranian companies importing and exporting goods and services in the field of purchasing and shipping goods
  • Cooperation with all border and cocoon cooperatives and merchants of Iranian ports
  • Cooperation with the holders of case licenses for export or import of goods to Iran
  • Cooperation with export companies active in the neighboring countries, especially the Caspian Sea, Central Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
  • Collaborating with consumer centers including consumer cooperatives, private and public sectors to supply meat, oil, rice, etc.
  • Collaborating with light and heavy projects executives and contractors to supply needed goods
  • Ready for joint cooperation for export and import of goods
  • Price inquiry and procurement of all kinds of goods
  • Performing currency remittances within the law

Titles obtained by Taj Gostar Kiyan Trading Company


Acquisition of a statue and a plaque of appreciation of the provincial exporter in 1399

Taj Gostar Kiyan Trading Company, with the efforts of it’s management team and experienced staff, has won the title of Mazandaran Provincial Exporter in 1399.

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