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Taj Gostar Kian Trading Company in addition to exporting and importing is also active in supporting and producing Iranian products such as dates, dried fruits, nuts and much more.

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Taj Gostar Kian Company, with over a decade of experience in importing various commodities, is proud to announce that we are distinguished by our commitment and experience.

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With years of experience in exporting different types of products, we assure you that we will be with you all the way of exporting your goods.

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Leave to us your export and import and enjoy our full support and guidance along the way.

We guarantee the quality of services and products of our company

Products we export

Products we import

One of our most important products is Russian Sawnwood

Russian wood has fewer cracks and due to it’s elasticity and strength, it is carpenter’s favorite wood for the production of various types of artifacts and wooden products.

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